Hotsy RedHot Cannon Indirect Heater
Hotsy RedHot Cannon Indirect Heater

    Hotsy RedHot Cannon Indirect Heater

    The Hotsy RedHot Cannon Indirect Heater is the most efficient portable heater in the industry. Hotsy’s diesel, indirect-fired portable heaters use an embedded burner with combustion air obtained from the main ventilation fan. The new  heat exchanger technology allows exhaust gases to
    increase heat exchange with the cooling air and obtain maximum thermal efficiency. The RedHot Cannon Heater’s heat exchanger  contains the flame and expels fumes through a chimney connected to the outside allowing the heater to be ducted and operate indoors.

    Whether you’re curing concrete, warming a construction site or heating an outdoor event, Hotsy’s line of reliable indirect-fired heaters deliver the comfort and safety you deserve. Choose the safe and efficient way to stay warm with a Hotsy RedHot Cannon Indirect Heater.


    • Approved for: Construction, indoor use, professional sporting events, outdoor event spaces
    • BTU Output94,759 to 258,704 BTU
    • Voltage/Phase: 120/1
    • Poly Fuel Tank Capacity: 11-27.7 Gallons
    • Run Time: 13-14 Hrs.


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