Hotsy HeatMizer Radiant Heater

Hotsy’s patented air-cooled cone design makes the HeatMizer safer than competing radiant heaters for use at any event. The air-cooled cone is warm to the touch removing the need for a metal cage around Hotsy’s HeatMizer. The HeatMizer’s built-in protective floor shield keeps the heater from damaging the floor. With the Hotsy HeatMizer there is no need to purchase an additional protective floor mat.

Whether you’re curing concrete, warming a construction site or heating an outdoor event, Hotsy’s line of reliable radiant, forced-air heaters deliver the comfort and safety you deserve. Choose the safe and efficient way to stay warm with a Hotsy HeatMizer Radiant Heater.


  • BTU Output: 115,000 to 155,000 BTU
  • Voltage/Phase: 120/1
  • Poly Fuel Tank Capacity: 11.35-17.2 Gallons
  • Run Time: 13.4-16 Hrs.


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