Why Pressure Wash?

    We’re not talking about “dust on a light-colored car” dirty (although we’ve got great solutions for that, too). We’re talking real dirty; the kind of dirty that comes from hours of working in a shop where the color white wouldn’t stand a chance. This is the kind of dirty where mud is an office supply and grease on your sandwich is a way of life.

    Your equipment depends on you to keep it clean.

    This kind of dirty doesn’t care how many hours you’ve clocked today or how early you’ve got to get started in the morning.

    Real dirty isn’t going anywhere.

    At Hotsy Equipment Co. we know your days are long and your work is hard, but your equipment depends on you to keep it clean. Accumulations of salt, mud, grease, and grime need to be removed to prevent unnecessary damage and give your valuable machinery the best chance at a long, healthy life.

    Don’t waste what daylight and energy you have left trying to clean your machinery with a bucket of soap and a garden hose.

    Save yourself time, stress and money.

    End your hard day of work with a piece of equipment that makes life easier. Rely on a Hotsy Pressure Washer to blast away harmful buildup of road-film, dirt, oil, grease, and muck… or whatever else dares to get in the way.