Hotsy ST-54 Dual Wand

    Hotsy ST-54 Dual Wand

    Hotsy’s ST-54 Dual Wand is the safest way to control pressure on the fly. The ST-54 Dual Wand is outfitted with a pressure control side handle; simply twist the handle to lower your machines pressure. For machines with downstream soap injection, the ST-54 Dual Wand’s handle can also be used to activate the application of detergent. Once your machine reaches the necessary pressure levels, the soap injector will being drawing from your detergent source and applying it to your cleaning surface.

    Product Features:

    • Max Pressure Rating: 4500 PSI
    • Max Flow Rating: 10 GPM
    • Max Temperature Rating: 300ºF
    • Zinc/chromate finish
    • 38″ total length
    • Detergent/pressure control side handle with molded grip


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