Hotsy Foam Cannon
Hotsy Foam Cannon
Hotsy Foam Cannon

    Hotsy Foam Cannon

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    The Hotsy Foam Cannon is a must-have in every pressure washing arsenal. When detergent foams into a rich lather it sticks to your cleaning surface longer allowing the detergent time to activate and perform to its full potential. The Hotsy Foamer Attachment is the best way to apply a thick layer of Hotsy Detergent to your cleaning surface, saving you time and money by getting the most out of your Hotsy Detergent.


    • Configuration: 1/4″ FPT lance connect
    • Max Pressure Rating: 3000 PSI
    • Max Temperature Rating: 176ºF
    • Max Flow Rating: 4.8 GPM
    • Stainless Steel
    • 1.5 mm orifice
    • Brass meter valve
    • High-impact glass filled body


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