Water Maze Alpha Oil-Water Separator
Water Maze Alpha Oil-Water Separator

    Water Maze Alpha Oil-Water Separator

    The Water Maze Alpha is a highly effective, above-ground oil-water separator that discharges wash water to the sanitary sewer at rates of up to 30 GPM. The Alpha’s proprietary “maze”, including 1000 sq. ft. of inclined coalescing plates, rapidly draws oil from wash water. The plates are strapped together in packs and are easily lifted out for cleaning.


    • Perfect For: Heavy equipment cleaning, manufacturing, marina & shipping, trucking & transportation
    • Up to 250-gallon stainless steel tank and aluminum lid for rust-free operation
    • Ultra-violet ozone generator with special mixing technology to ensure up to 99% contact of bacteria-killing ozone in wash water
    • Stainless steel baffles for optimum dwell time and treatment
    • Automatic oil removal and disposal
    • Specially designed sheen filter for polishing the water before discharge


    Oil-water separation is a process that enhances the natural separation of oil from water so the oil floats on the surface of the water.

    • Pro: It effectively removes or skims “free” oils from the water surface making water safer for reuse or disposal
    • Con: It is not effective in removing emulsified oils that are often trapped within the water molecules by detergents or other cleaning agents


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