Tim Baumgart

Everything’s there. All the features that you need. Once you turn the power on you’re ready to wash. They work great. I never have any problems with a Hotsy. I’ve had all brands. All kinds of brands. Nothing is better than a Hotsy. Its the best there is.

Susan Dellinger

Our Hotsy Pressure Washer is very dependable. It does a wonderful job. Whether we’re washing our car or tractor our Hotsy has a lot of pressure and the Hotsy Detergents we use are astounding. They really, really work.

Mike Greeb

When we built our new facility, the easiest thing and the most positive addition was our Hotsy Pressure Washing System. We can’t give enough credit to Hotsy Equipment Co. Our Hotsy works flawlessly.

Kevin Lindsey

We use our Hotsy for everything. We clean our semis, our trailers, our shop and all of our personal vehicles. It does it all. Our Hotsy is very reliable. We’ve owned four Hotsys over the years and we’ve only had one Hotsy serviced, once!

Jeff Leo

I’ve been looking at Hotsy’s for years and when I finally bought one, I realized it was the best pieces of equipment I’ve ever purchased. My neighbors are begging me to borrow my Hotsy and I tell them to buy their own. I won’t share because I love it too much!

Jay Buel

Before our Hotsy we had a different brand of pressure washer that we used to clean our trucks. Not only do we like the way the Hotsy performs, it has been virtually trouble free.

Jason Lutz

Our Hotsy 900 Series is a great machine. It’s trouble-free and reliable. It does everything we need it to do to keep our firehouse clean.

Doug Halbert

We’ve been using Hotsy’s for over 25 years. We use ours close to 12 hours a day. Hotsy Pressure Washers are reliable and they work great.

Dee Ashbrook

Our Hotsys are very precious to us. They’re incredibly dependable and they’re still running like new even after all the hours we’ve put on them.