Tim Baumgart

If there was a problem or I thought I had a problem, I just give a call in and they’ll have somebody out to get it fixed any time I need.

Susan Dellinger

Hotsy’s Service Technicians are always there for us. If we have a repair of any sort, they’re always available and their turn-around is very short so we’re never without our Hotsy.

Mark Brewer

If we do have an issue, Hotsy Equipment Co. is very prompt to get us the help or service we require.

Jay Buel

Hotsy Equipment Co.’s service is excellent. Our service tech comes in and takes care of us. He’s able to work on our Hotsy Pressure Washer and our Reznor Waste Oil Heater. He does nice work. We couldn’t ask for more.

Jason Lutz

We rely on Hotsy Equipment Co. to service our machine annually. We leave it to Hotsy and haven’t had any trouble with our machine.

Gene Pfahl

We’re happy Hotsy Equipment Co. is close by. We like to have our machines serviced annually and if anything else comes up, you guys are out and take great care of us.

Doug Halbert

Hotsy Equipment Co.’s service is great. If there is a problem, from big to minor, they are right out. Their technicians are friendly and professional and they do great work.

Dee Ashbrook

I have 50 different things to worry about, daily. Hotsy’s Scheduled Maintenance is #1 in my book because I don’t even have to worry about scheduling a visit. They come out once every three months and do their job. When Hotsy says ‘We’re done!’ I know our pressure washers are set.

Brian Ruterbories

Hotsy Equipment Co. has been very helpful and always takes care of our needs. Hotsy’s service techs are always knowledgeable and do a great job getting us up and running in a timely fashion. Thanks for the great service.