In-House Service and Repair

    Bring your machine to one of our three retail locations in Omaha, Lincoln or Grand Island and a certified technician will run a complete inspection and provide an accurate time/cost quote for a complete repair. Our cost estimates, unless previously discussed, are for complete repairs and address any issue that may cause your Hotsy Pressure Washer to underperform.

    Our In-house technicians have access to Hotsy’s complete parts inventory (down to replacement stickers and decals) so little time is wasted on the arrival of specialty parts.

    In-house technicians will examine your machine using the same 25 point inspection as the Scheduled Maintenance Program. If anything looks out of place or as though it could present a future problem, our service department will discuss the matter with you and offer to fix the issue before it ever becomes one. While your machine is being worked on in-house, additional services such as oil changes or burner tune-ups can be requested.

    For more information about In-House Service, contact us.