On-Site Service and Repair

    For our customers with stationary machines, machine too far from one of our retail/service locations, or a machine in need of immediate repair, Hotsy Equipment Co. offers on-site service and repair support.

    Our on-site repair technicians hold Master Technician Certifications from Hotsy’s Manufacturing Plants and travel to your location in fully-stocked trucks with most parts necessary to complete a full repair. If a more in-depth repair is required, your Hotsy technician may bring your machine to the nearest store location to complete the repair where you can pick it up or have it delivered back to your location.

    Just as with our In-House technicians, On-Site techs examine your machine using the same 25 point inspection as the Scheduled Maintenance Program. If anything looks out of place or as though it could present a future problem, your on-site service technician will discuss the matter with you and offer to fix the issue before it ever becomes one. While your machine is being worked on on-site, additional services such as oil changes or burner tune-ups can be requested.

    For more information about On-Site Service, contact us!