Scheduled Maintenance

    Whether you’re a cleaning company who only makes money if your Hotsy is running, a farmer planning to wash your equipment after a long winter, or somewhere in between, you don’t have the time to question whether or not you’re properly maintaining your pressure washer year-round. To best serve you and your pressure washing needs, Hotsy Equipment Co. is proud to offer our Scheduled Maintenance Program.

    During each Scheduled Maintenance appointment, a Hotsy technician will evaluate your machine using a 25-point inspection checklist. While conducting their inspection the Hotsy tech will calibrate your machine’s pressure to the optimal performance level, change your pump-oil and tune-up the hot water burner. Scheduled Maintenance Program members will be visited by Hotsy technicians at least twice per year (more often if requested).

    While on Scheduled Maintenance appointments, service technicians have been known to catch and repair minor issues that, if left unattended, may have lead to larger more costly repairs. If repairs beyond the 25-point inspection are required, the first hour of labor is covered by your program membership.* If repair/service support occurs in-between scheduled maintenance appointments, program members will receive priority service and labor discounts.

    Sign up for the Scheduled Maintenance Program to pressure wash, worry-free, all-day, every-day, any-day!

    For more information or to register for the Scheduled Maintenance Program, contact us!

    *Hotsy technicians will always ask your approval before completing repairs outside of the 25-point inspection.